Security Classification for International Organizations

Security classification is an important issue in international organizations. The Transnational Team of InterPARES Trust is developing a checklist of important issues and needs your help! Please review their draft checklist and send your constructive comments. Review is open until April 15, 2017. Checklist for Organizations Handling Security Classified Information Assets PURPOSE and SCOPE This … More Security Classification for International Organizations

InterPARES Trust responds to EGAD-RiC

In October and November, 2016, many researchers from InterPARES Trust took the opportunity to read and comment on “Records in Context”, the draft description standard put forward by the Experts Group on Archival Description (EGAD) committee, formed by the ICA Programme Commission in late 2012. Records in Context (RiC) has been presented by EGAD as … More InterPARES Trust responds to EGAD-RiC

Citizen Engagement, Managing Records, and Trust

by Jim Suderman Open Government is a trust-based and trust-building approach to stronger governmental accountability, transparency, and citizen involvement through the pro-active adoption and use of technology in innovative ways. A number of InterPARES Trust studies are exploring aspects of Open Government. One in particular focused on citizen engagement, the technologies that enable or optimize engagement, and … More Citizen Engagement, Managing Records, and Trust

Does your records’ retention schedule protect you in the Cloud?

 We have a new report available on our website that researches retention and disposition in the cloud. The research team of Pat Franks (San Jose State University – research lead), Alan Doyle (UBC Archives), Linda Nobrega (BC Information Access Operations Branch), Lara Wilson and Jane Morrison (University of Victoria Libraries), supported by several graduate research assistants from … More Does your records’ retention schedule protect you in the Cloud?

Open Government Data is Great – Do Records Managers Agree?

Contributed by Katherine Chorley, University College London Since April this year I have been working on an InterPARES Trust study conducted by Team Europe researching the impact of Open Government Data on the practice and profession of Records Management in the public sector in the UK. The research presents a case study of a National Health Service … More Open Government Data is Great – Do Records Managers Agree?

Evaluating cloud services – check this! (continued)

Last week I introduced two InterPARES Trust checklists designed to help individuals and organizations evaluate different aspects of their cloud services. Today I invite you to look at a third checklist that can be used alone or in conjunction with the other two. This Checklist is designed to offer guidance for individuals, businesses, government agencies … More Evaluating cloud services – check this! (continued)

Evaluating cloud services – check this!

Research partners of InterPARES Trust are conducting research from many different perspectives into issues of trust and trustworthiness of digital records and data in online environments – that is, over the internet and in the cloud. Some researchers are investigating users’ perspectives of trust – do we as citizens trust the records that our governments provide … More Evaluating cloud services – check this!

Emerging Research: The Role of Blockchain Technology

Researchers in the InterPARES Trust study, Model for Preservation of Trustworthiness of the Digitally Signed, Timestamped and/or Sealed Digital Records (TRUSTER Preservation Model) are collaborating with researchers in another SSHRC-funded project, Blockchain Technology for Recordkeeping: Help or Hype? (Victoria Lemieux, UBC, Project Director). On June 21, 2016, Hrvoje Stancic, Co-Director Team Europe, InterPARES Trust and professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia, attended a … More Emerging Research: The Role of Blockchain Technology